Patch to stop Doxygen part crashing with KDE 3.1

Harald Fernengel harry at
Tue Dec 3 21:51:03 UTC 2002


On Wednesday 27 November 2002 02:33, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> On my PC the doxygen part crashes when the Project Options dialog box is
> invoked.  This bug seems to have been triggered by the update to KDE
> version 3.1 (as it says in the comments of the file ;)  The attached patch
> is enough to stop it from crashing for me.  Ok to commit?

hmmm... I'd feel better if you just comment the stuff out instead of removing 
it... But okay, a crash is a crash :)

I haven't looked too intensive at the KAcceleratorManager, but it looks like 
the ideal class to get rid of accel clashes.

Best regards,

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