[PATCH] Tabbed MDI window creation fix

Hamish Rodda meddie at yoyo.its.monash.edu.au
Thu Aug 29 17:19:02 UTC 2002


I've been using Gideon HEAD recently, and one bug was annoying me so much that 
I've fixed it - please see the attached patch (apply in lib/qextmdi).  The 
bug is mentioned in the TODO file:

* UI bugs:
  - in Tabbed Document Interface, sometimes new views will be opened in
    the Output ToolView!

Not being familiar with the code, I think the fix is right but it should be 

The problem occurred mostly after compiling a project, and clicking on an 
error message relating to a file that is not currently open.

The bug happens because new non-toolbar windows are opened with the "parent 
window" (better thought of as sibling window) being the current active 
window.  If that active window (m_pDockbaseOfTabPage) happens to be a toolbar 
window, the request to add a new non-toolbar window becomes a toolbar window.

The patch is the most elegant solution I could think of.  It remembers which 
windows are not toolbar windows, and uses one of those windows as the 
"parent" when creating another.  I've done minimal testing but thought it 
through pretty well, the active changes are within a

if (m_mdiMode == QextMdi::TabPageMode)

block, so they should only affect the bug and not other MDI modes.

Apart from this, gideon is quite usable for me and a great program, 


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