Bug#46704: Versions of automake and autoconf

Iztok Kobal iztok.kobal at sysen.si
Thu Aug 29 12:25:04 UTC 2002

Well, I am very sorry to disturb you all with so-called 
autoconf/automake/Kdevelop-templates misbehaviour.

I have still got installed KDE1/KDE2/KDevelop1/2/2.1.3 and KDevelop 
somehow found the oldest templates from /opt/kde(1)/share/.....
When I got rid of all oldies, everything looks just great, only a little 
bit slower.

Anyway, how did the KDevelop get to that (kde(1)) directory ? in my 
enviroment is even the last of all in the $PATH !


Iztok Kobal wrote:


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