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F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at gmx.de
Wed Aug 28 00:00:10 UTC 2002

Andreas Sturm wrote:

>Hi Falk!
>As i prommissed here are the changes to kdevelop to get it running under IRIX. 
>I used a cvs of around 8th august. I send it to you just to get comments 
>about what i did to the sources (whether there are formal correct or a 
>absolut mess). I am going to make patches with a newer cvs in the next 1 1/2 
>week (after that i am going into holliday :-)). I did finish a build already 
>but stupidly used no debug flags as compiler flags. It keeps on segfaulting 
>right after the first short glance of the splashscreen. :-(
>So i would suggest the following:
>1. give comments about the changes i made; whether they are safe or not. Keep 
>in mind that i do have to workaround a namespace bug in the current MIPSpro 
>2. i re-integrate any things which have to be changed
>3. do a full debug build to provide more info's (partly finished; did  arts, 
>kdelibs and kdebase already)
>Is that ok? I appreciate any help of you since i _really_ want kdevelop 
>running on IRIX. Thanks a lot for your help!
>CFLAGS=-g2 -mips4 -OPT:Olimit=0 
>-woff1021,1209,1233,1314,1355,1375,1506,1681,1682,3496 -n32 
>CXXFLAGS=-g2 -mips4 -OPT:Olimit=0 
>-woff1021,1209,1233,1314,1355,1375,1506,1681,1682,3496 -n32 
>lib/interfaces/kdevpartcontroller.cpp: 13, added 'using namespace KParts'
Looking at your output:
This isn't the current official version KDevelop-2.1.3 but the 
not-yet-published upcoming version 3.0.
Please, have a look at www.kdevelop.org for how about building a 2.1.3 
version from cvs. Then try it on IRIX!

But your work wasn't in vain. Please send a cvs diff -u file to this 
mailing-list. The people here also would be glad about your changes to 
the current cvs version in cvs HEAD.

F at lk

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