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Iztok Kobal iztok.kobal at
Mon Aug 26 08:00:08 UTC 2002

Please, somebody, answer to Grzegorz's question - I am interested too !

And in addition - Why it is not possible to include the same source code 
into the various projects - the source code should now always be present 
inside the project tree and more - inside the certain subproject tree 
that needs it.

I can understand that the whole stuff is related to the project 
distribution (and maybe code overhead also) but - the source could be 
included into the distribution at the distribution creation time while 
sparing the developer's time by maintaining only one source instead of 
many !


Grzegorz Borowiak wrote:

>Is it possible to have multiple binary targets in a project? For example,
>I'd like to develop program which uses some shared libraries and it would
>be not comfy to create as many projects as many binaries should be made.
>Some workaround is to create custom project and custom makefile, but then
>it requires to edit makefile each time a file is added or removed from
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