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Sat Aug 24 16:05:06 UTC 2002

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I've started work on a subversion kpart using the svn client lib as backend
you can find the current version at
you need svn.diff (to patch kdevelop so that it can compile it)
and the svnpart.tar.bz2 which contains the kpart (untar it in kdevelop/parts/)

configure --with-subversion-dir=your_svn_dir

but there are some issues to compile it :) (the configuration is far from perfect, i apoligize for this, I am
really not an expert with autoconf/automake)
- ->first : 
I use the svn-config script to find their cppflags etc, but my svn-config is broken here
(i guess that's a subversion problem), so you need to fix your svn-config script first if configure fails :)

- ->second :
I am not sure if it's me or the subversion guys who would made a mistake, but it fails to find some includes
which are located in $SVNPREFIX/include/subversion-1/
so either add the complete path in the (INCLUDES = -I/$YOURSVNDIR/include/subversion-1/)
or edit your svn includes and replace #include <bla.h> by #include "bla.h" where needed (look at the errors when compiling) 

if you ever succeed to compile it, 
then you'll have nearly the same things as CVS (update, commit, add, remove)
it does not provide any user interaction for now (it won't ask you for a log message during a commit for example)
but I'm working on this.
Be careful don't use it with an important repositery ;) I'm really not sure of what I am doing :)
so it could break many things
currently, add/remove/update/cleanup/commit are working, the other options are not yet implemented.

I hope to extend it so that it can provide many of subversions features (that's why I used the lib and not 
the 'svn' command line tool)

I hope you will enjoy it
Any help is welcome ;p
I can add it to the CVS if you want (compilation disabled maybe)


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