ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 2.1.3 out now!

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Tue Aug 20 14:55:06 UTC 2002

ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 2.1.3 out now!

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08-20-2002 12:22


(This is an announcement for all who are not
subscribed to the other KDE mailing-lists:)

The KDevelop team is proud to present KDevelop 2.1.3
This version has been released as part of the KDE 3.0.3

KDE 3.0.3 announcement and press release



Binary packages:

   other distributions still missing, please check

Source (tar.bz2):

Ftp mirrors:

Compiling from CVS sources

Changes from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3
- considers also new behaviour of Qt version 3.0.5. (proper text formatting in 
output view)
- some memory leaks fixed
- TabPage user interface mode got a close button (stable backport from HEAD)
- again improved editor indention
- compile fixes for FreeBSD
- some Debian-specific updates
- FYI: 'Add files to project' doesn't hang anymore because of a fix in the 
latest kdelibs:kdecore library

1) Used cvs branch for this release is KDE_2_2_BRANCH
2) Please use a recent Qt version, preferably 3.0.5
3) If you like to join the KDevelop developers, don't
    hesitate to contact us at kdevelop-devel at!
4) This is likely the last KDevelop-2.x.x version. Really.
5) There aren't binary packages for KDE-2.2 yet because
    the distributors don't provide them anymore. Please,
    help and send us your self-created binary rpms! We
    will put them on the KDevelop web site.

Current CVS version
KDE_2_2_BRANCH is closed now.
Now we are heading towards KDE-3-only version KDevelop
3.0. Feel free to try cvs HEAD to see what's going on there.

Have fun,
Harald Fernengel (on behalf of the whole KDevelop team)

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