Accelerator problems in KDevelop-2.1.3+Qt3+KDE-3

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Aug 4 17:17:02 UTC 2002


I am currently trying to hunt down an accelerator key problem of 
KDevelop-2.1.3 (cvs) that I believe has its root in the libraries (qt 
and/or kde-3) because it is only present in the version for KDE-3.1 (maybe 
KDE-3 but disk space is limited) but not in the version for KDE-2.

Now my first question: does anybody see the problem that the "Repeat 
search"-key (default: F3) does not work in KDE-3.1 but works fine in 
KDE-2.x? The funny thing is that "Repeat backward search" (default: 
Shift+F3) works for both setups.

My current setup: enhanced SuSE 7.3 (upgraded to XFree-4.2, QT (QT-copy, 
3.0.6 beta), KDE-3.1cvs).

One possible reason I have found is a strange/unsafe conversion in 
kernel/qaccelcpp:488 where
488             QWidget* w = (QWidget*) parent();
489             while ( w && !w->testWFlags( WSubWindow ) )
gdb reports  
(gdb) whatis this => type = QAccel * 
(gdb) print *(QAccel *)this => displays somewhere 'objname = 0x48be063c 
(gdb) whatis this->parent() ) => type = QObject *
which is correct but 
(gdb) print this->parent()->className() => "KActionCollection"
Maybe there should be a test like parent()->inherits( "QWidget" ) before 
performing the cast or a dynamic_cast<QWidget *>( parent() ) (which of 
course needs the handling of the resulting NULL-pointer).
For the record: valgrind reports "Invalid read of size 4" in 
kernel/qwidget.h:674 (I hope, this is not the intended behaviour ;) ).

Even after looking some time at the kdelibs sources for the accelerators I 
don't know from where QAccel gets a parent of type KActionCollection.

Who can help me solving this problem or should I just switch to Gideon? But 
if the problem is really inside the libraries it would be good to fix it 

Best regards,

PS: If you need a backtrace, just let me know

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