gideon release plan?

Bernd Gehrmann Bernd-Gehrmann at
Sat Aug 3 21:34:02 UTC 2002

On Friday 02 August 2002 17:47, you wrote:
> 8/2/02 4:58:55 PM, Harald Fernengel <harry at> wrote:
> >> o CVS-Integration
> >
> >Not only CVS, but version control systems in general (I know some guys who
> >would be glad to use perforce ;)). There is already a VCS interface in
> >lib/interfaces but it needs to be extended a bit. Up until now each VCS
> >plugin implements its own actions.
> We don't need the VCS interface anymore.

A separate service type for version control would be useful in order to
ensure that at most one version control part can be loaded (which would
be configured in the project settings dialog and also in the import dialog).
That was implemented looong time ago, got lost last year, but the .desktop
file is still there :-)


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