gideon release plan?

sandy smeier at
Fri Aug 2 17:49:03 UTC 2002

8/2/02 4:58:55 PM, Harald Fernengel <harry at> wrote:

>> o CVS-Integration
>Not only CVS, but version control systems in general (I know some guys who 
>would be glad to use perforce ;)). There is already a VCS interface in 
>lib/interfaces but it needs to be extended a bit. Up until now each VCS 
>plugin implements its own actions.

We don't need the VCS interface anymore. Every plugin can register actions on the views (for instance the treeviews)
and menubars. Thats enough to implement a good perforce/cvs/rcs plugin. :-) I don't see any advantages for the VCS interface.


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