Bug#24435: with htdig, KDevelop only fails to display search-results file; can get glimpse to work

Mart Verburg mart.verburg at c2i.net
Wed Sep 26 09:43:43 UTC 2001


After upgrading (manually) from KDevelop 1.4 running on KDE 2.1
to KDevelop 2.0 on KDR 2.2 I had the same problem with the help
search-mechanism you described:

The help-search wouldn't give any results after I indexed with neither
 glimpse nor with htdig.

I was able to get at least glimpse to work after the following steps
(logged in as root):
        - uninstall both glimpse and htdisg with rpm -e
        - re-install them both with rpm -ivh
        - index the documentation with both
                - select the documentation-paths to Qt and to KDE-
                        libs manually AGAIN before the indexing, in
                        order to avoid getting an error-message
                        saying that either of the documentation-paths is 
not correct
                        in menu options, KDevelop-setup,
                        (documentation-tab), Qt-Library-Doc and
                        KDE-Libraries-Doc.  On my system respectively:
                - click Create Search database and OK.
        Then I found out the search-engine wasn't specified in KDevelop's
        config-file /home/(username)/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc. So:
        - in the section [Doc_Location], change line

When I changed the search-engine variable in kdeveloprc to htdig, the
searchengine produced the right result in a file
But KDevelop then just sais there was no match for my search, and
fails to show the real search-result.

I have a hunch the re-install of the search-engines wasn't necessary in 
my case; the 
selection of search-engine in kdeveloprc probably did the trick.

Hope this helps,

P.S. My system:
Package:           kdevelop
Version:           2.0 (KDE 2.2)
Severity:          normal
Installed from:    i386-RPM
Compiler:          gcc version 2.96 20000731
OS:                Linux 2.4.8
OS/Compiler notes: updated RedHat 7.0
Kernel:            2.4.3-ac14

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