Who is still working...

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at GMX.de
Tue Sep 25 21:13:57 UTC 2001


> ...on Gideon.

Me ;-)

> It seems to be a dead project at the moment.

At the moment it seems like a dead project indeed. I'm busy at the moment but 
Daniel, Daniel and me are/were working on the C++ Code Completion. Daniel 
Engelschalt wrote a new CodeCompletionParser and at least I try to get it 
work in Gideon. I hope I could "finish" my work this/next week. But the last 
days my i18n("Netzteil") get damaged :-( so that I wasn't able to work on it.
But I think Daniel (Engelschalt) will help me to get this work (won't you :-).

> What is scheduled?

At the moment nothing I think. There are a few developer working on Gideon 
(e.g. Sandy - who is "ill") and they develop without any serious plan. There 
is a guy (I think it's me) who plays around a lot with code completion.

> Who is working when and where?

* Sandy does the PHP stuff
* Victor/Daniel Engelschalt try to get C++ code completion "work"

> What is about the ToDo/feature list?

Someone has ask that question before and I think he started collecting 
features/todos but I'm not really sure about that.

>From my side there is an item that could be added to a feature list:
- a persistant class store

> What is the road map about Gideon?

Some people (i.e. Ralf :-) think Gideon will be part of KDE 3.0. I don't 
think so. As far as I know there's no real road map, is there?

> It seems to me HEAD lives in anarchy currently.

No that's not right. How? There's no activity.

That there are only a few developer working on Gideon is not good (to say it 
with very simple words).


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