Compiling error in HEAD using Qt2 and PersistentClassStore

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Mon Sep 17 19:16:33 UTC 2001


I think there's still something wrong when you compile Gideon with 
In the Makefile of kdevelop/src a core.moc.cpp is generated but never used. I 
think there has to be a core.moc (which is included by core.cpp).
When I compile core.moc.cpp using make, errors appear, because the paths to 
Qt2 isn't set.
I've modified the Makefile so that it generates the core.moc and now it 
Had someone of you same problems? Maybe I'm the only one :-) but can someone 
(Simon?) have a look?


BTW.: An other topic I want to ask you is a persistent ClassStore. Is someone 
working on this? I think it's very important for KDevelop2 and for Gideon 
even more. The people who are doing Code Completion need it. Or we need a 
ClassParser that parses #includes :-).

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