Getting started with classparser ?

Hugo Varotto hugo at
Sat Sep 15 05:55:02 UTC 2001


I'd like to use the classparser for a part that I'm writing, but I cannot 
find a simple example or documentation of how to use it. Could somebody 
please give me some pointers/small examples ? I'm interested right now in how 
to retrieve the symbols contained in a particular file, in a generic way, not 
olny C or C++ ( which I beleive the classparser is able to do ).

I know that there're several other parts tha are using the classparser, but 
I'm still not able to understand completely how to use it.

On a different but related topic, when I looked at the code, it seems that  
there're portions of it that're not finished ( like the portion that  
loads/save the database to disk in PersistenClassStore and so on ). Is that 
true or I'm too asleep ? 

Lastly, I remember that Sadny mentioned somewhere that the class parser is 
able to handle all the languages that Gideon curretnly supports ( including 
PHP, Java, Python ). How does that work ( from a developer point of view that 
wants to use the classparser ) ?

I sent an e-mail to Jonas Nording <jonas.nordin at> but the email 
bounced back ( could not look up destination domain (, invalid 
domain name ). Jonas is the mainainer of the classparser, and that's the 
e-mail that shows up in the code.

Thanks in advance,


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