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Cihan Esen esencihan at
Fri Sep 14 08:50:22 UTC 2001

There is no config file in ~/.ssh/ but in /etc/ssh/ there is ssh_config and sshd_config
in ssh_config, and sshd_config has that line, i added the same line in ssh_config(both in
my comp and in the server)  and restarted sshd, situation didn't changed..

>cihan esen, Mit, 12 Sep 2001 :
>> Identity added: /home/myusername/.ssh/identity
>> (myusername at mycomputer)
>> but i still got the same message on KDEvelop as
>> before(I'd given the message on my previous e-mail).It
>> seems as if KDevevelop still couldn't make the server
>> to resolve my username and password. For instance, i
>> thought that when i open an ssh-agent whenever i try
>> to make an ssh connection on console to the server it
>> won't ask me username and password but it did.
>> After many many tries and looking to several manuals i
>> still couldn't find a way out.I would really really
>> appreacite a little more help on this.
>> Thanks.
>How does your ~/.ssh/config file look like?
>Is there a line
>RSAAuthentication yes  ?
>If this is set to "no" (or missing ?), you will be asked for your password.


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