Shocked and horrified

Muriel Thomas mcthomas at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 11 21:54:36 UTC 2001

>To all people who are affected to the todays horrible acts of terrorism:
>I'm very very taken aback and shocked! My sincerest condolences!
>That's all I could say. Sorry, I haven't got any words for that what has
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Hi all,

First, I will join Victor and have a deep thought for people affected 
by those horrible  bombings. Living in Boston, I was really shocked, 
I could not believe it.
But, as life has to go on, I have a question on Kdevelop makefiles. I 
am new to kdevelop and I am trying to use the file,that I 
copied onto my project directory, in the kdevelop makefile. Anyone 
has an idea how to do that?

Until now I have included the -I/usr/src/rtlinux-2.2 command on the 
project options > compiler options window to be able to use the real 
time linux header files, and I tried to compile but it seems I have a 
conflict between linux and rtlinux libraries. Anybody knows why?


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