KDEVELOP_1_4: kdevelop/kdevelop/setup

jbb jbb at kdevelop.org
Fri Jun 29 20:26:35 UTC 2001

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001 23:56, you wrote:

> > Removed Files:
> >          ctoolclass.cpp ctoolclass.h
> Hmm...hmm.
> Now libkdevelopsetup.so depends on the kdevelop binary. :-(
> Earlier it was independent. :-)

Well yes - but the other way means that the lib is always loaded when 
kdevelop is run - which kinda defeats one of the reasons to have the setup 
code as a shared lib...

but having the ctoolclass.h file in kdevelop and kdevelop/setup where _both_ 
were being used was asking for trouble - which I ran into when I changed some 
params from QString to const QString& in the setup version. :(


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