Fwd: Bug#27716: see function under container file in project treeview

jbb jbb at kdevelop.org
Fri Jun 29 20:14:56 UTC 2001

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001 00:50, you wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, jbb wrote:
> > I agree with this one.
> > a c file usually reflects a "module".
> Same for Perl. Maybe we need a symbolview part in addition
> to the class view. The complexity in the class view is already
> very high, and it will even slightly increase when some code
> to disable certain items is added (e.g. in Java and Python
> the 'Goto declaration' doesn't make sense). For non-OO languages
> the class view (with some options more) is also not ideal from
> a ui point of view.
> > And another wish for kdevelop3.0
> > can we have the global namespace as well in the class view
> > ie
> > + global
> > + KIO
> > + blah
> > Otherwise most of the classes are missing.
> Probably... I also wonder how the class parser handles anonymous
> namespaces.
> > and yet another
> > in the other mode (not namespace) rather than just every class in the
> > tree how about spliting them into the subdirs they are in - presumably
> > the programmer did that to organise the files. Having the dir structure
> > reflected in the tree would be better that everyclass merged.
> It's already in the TODO file...
> > options upon options eh :-)
> Well, yes, actually splitting classes into sub directories isn't unique
> - you can also do that with differents depths. For example, if you have
> directories foo and bar with nested directories fooblah? and barblah?, you
> can display this as
>   foo/fooblah1
>       class Quarximurksel1
>       class Quarximurksel2
>   foo/fooblah2
>       class Quarximurksel3
>       class Quarximurksel4
>   bar/barblah1
>       class Bimmel1
>       class Bimmel2
>   bar/barblah2
>       class Bommel1
>       class Bommel2
> or
>   foo
>       Quarximurksel1
>       Quarximurksel2
>       Quarximurksel3
>       Quarximurksel4
>   bar
>       Bimmel1
>       Bimmel2
>       Bommel1
>       Bommel2
> Now which one do you prefer? Or should that be configurable too? ;-)

+ foo
  + fooblah1
      class at_fooblah1_level
   class at_foo_level

The idea of a class view breaks down a little when dealing with languages 
without classes. But there is always some structure that people use. Using a 
file as a "class" (or "module") is very standard for c.

It does sound like this sound be broken up _except_ the problem then becomes 
how do you display mixed views. ie kdevelop3.0 is composed of c++ and perl... 
and c++ and c is very common. Perhaps every language shoud be normalised to a 
class view. ie a class=c file, c++ class, perl file etc

Also is there differences in the class view between java and c++ and python 
and other class languages? I say there was, but I'm a bit limited on the 
language knowledge. Hmmmm....


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