LinuxTag (was Re: Please check this if you want to know how Bernd looks like :))))

Christian Couder christian.couder at
Fri Jun 29 12:13:29 UTC 2001

Sandy Meier wrote:
> BTW: "Linuxtag". Who (from this list) will be on Linuxtag/Stuttgart this
> year? Would be nice to meet some people.

Hi everybody,

I am happy to say that I will be at LinuxTag from Thursday morning (or
perhaps Wednesday evening) to Sunday evening.
My company, Alcove (, is going to have a booth
there (, because a new
german sudsidiary is opening, so I will be along with the german alcove
people (in case you are looking for a job, they are hiring, in case you
aren't, they are worth meeting anyway :-).

I will be very happy to meet you at LinuxTag. I will have to stay at the
Alcove booth most of the time though, but I will probably give KDevelop
demo there too (and also other presentations or demos) in english. If
some of you have some slides or material or advice about KDevelop you
can send me, it could help me, since it will be my first KDevelop demo,
thanks in advance.

See you at LinuxTag,

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