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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Tue Jun 26 12:22:21 UTC 2001

Sandy Meier wrote:
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> Am Montag, 25. Juni 2001 23:04 schrieben Sie:
> > ...and this link to the website ? :))
> Unfurtunately the review contains many errors. Some examples?
> "Bundled with Editor : built-in support for KWrite and emacs "
> This is wrong, there are only _colors_ for emacs nothing more.
> "Integrated Debugger: No"
> Yes, I know we have "only" a frontend to gdb, but this is for the most users
> a "integrated Debugger".
> "User-Selectable Debugger: No"
> wrong, you can select an other debugger
> "Integrates with Version Control Software: No"
> What about the cool CVS integration?
> "Does API Autocompletion: Yes"
> ?? Cool, I thougth we don't have this.:-)
> and so on....
> Ok, there are some positive words about KDevelop, so where should we link it?
> In the news?
Maybe better in the reports section ? Noticed the many errors as well,
but oh well, I guess the other IDE's aren't reported any better than
ours :) So all in all, it's the general line that counts and we're doing
extremely well with that summary, even if it is false in many ways :)

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