KATE: interface questions

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 02:47:23 UTC 2001

Three questions about kate's interface (API).

How can I get a list of all views for a document using the current API?

I've tried several things but I cant come up with a good solution for
this. I have now extended the interface with functions 
getFirstView; getNextView, getLastView and getViewCount so that I am
able to loop over the list of views. Any better solutions? 

How do I load a file with a given name into the current document? Seems
like loading of files is handled by the view, but that's quite awkward.
Shouldn't loading and inserting of files be handled by the document? 

3 While we are at it, is there a possibility to insert a file into a
current document at the current cursor position? Kate cant handle that
either and I think it would make a lot of sense.



Roland Krause
In the garage of life there are mechanics and 
there are drivers. Mechanics wanted!

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