Nameing issue with automake

Lorenzo Delana ldelana at
Tue Jun 26 00:13:08 UTC 2001

I have created a folder like
when I create into it a class and then KDevelop insert the for 
the library, in my case, I receive follow error from AutoMake:

from, KDevelop auto-generated:

bad macro name 
bad macro name `folder-containing-minus-and-dot_a_SOURCES'
invalid unused variable name: `folder-containing-minus-and-dot_a_SOURCES'

the problem is not in automake, but in the wrong mapping from
	"folder name" -> normalized("folder name");

to correct this error, should be inserted a function like the above 
normalize(string s); where

normalize(string s) {
	// convert all - and . to _ @see automake nameing conventions


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