asking the great JBB oracle

jbb jbb at
Mon Jun 25 07:08:18 UTC 2001

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:05, you wrote:
> JBB enlighted us with:
> >    * bugfix: added $LEXLIB to _project_ file so that regenerating the
> > makefiles * works again - I don't understand why that is so hard to do :)
> Several hours I tried to find a possibility to add $LEXLIB to the
> project but gave up...
> What is the click sequence for that adding?

Thus spake jbb
and lo, the multitude gazed in horror at the abomination of the direct 
addition of libraries. Henceforth the $(LEXLIB) and other foreign libraries 
can be added in like manner to
Project->Options->Linker Options->additional libraries
for the beasts of automake and autoconf always lie thirsting for the weak or 
the unwary.
We humbly give praise to the great prophets, Sandy and Walter and Bernd and 
the other great ones that have led us safely through the desert of unknowing.


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