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Lars mails_4_me at gmx.de
Fri Jun 22 19:35:10 UTC 2001


i'm using kdevelop - and i would add a new translation for my own written 
app, i ask in a lot of newsgroups and in irc but nobody could give me an 
adequate answer.

i did menu "project" "add new translation" now i choosed the language and 
pressed return - now something happens - but an error message appears "could 
not read/write appname.pot" where is it? how did i get this pot? and did the 
translation (if i get it ready) would be installed by make install, too?
did kdevelop filtered out the i18n strings? how did i've to do it?

questions about questions - but no answer anywhere - or i read the wrong 
sites. i18n.kde.org - isn't imho the best site for my concern.

kdevelop version i'm using - 1.4.1 2.1.1  .

if it's the wrong list please let me know and tell me the right one for my 

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