1_4 laundry list

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 18 19:22:36 UTC 2001

Just had a look at the 1_4 branch and was very disappointed.
Somehow I have the impression it gets more and more bugs with
each release :-((

Here is a list from just 10 minutes of trying various things:

* "...that you can create hierarchical todos by clicking with
  the right mouse" That's a tip of the day. I have no idea
  what this sentence wants to tell me :-(

* Another tip says that I can print with enscript or a2ps.
  I can't find any menu items for this.

* Build->Rebuild doesn't work.

* Build->Distclean/Rebuild All doesn't work.

* Context menus hehave differently. Some appear when the button
  is pressed, some when the button is released.

* When choosing New file from the context menu on 
  the functions branch in the class view, it proposes 
  to put the file into the directory Global/Functions.
  Same error for other branches.

* Folders in the class view serve no apparent purpose.

* Class properties dialog: No way to enable the help button. 
  The dialog offers to create public signals; something 
  like a public signal simply doesn't exist. It's unclear
  what 'matching slots' in the slot tab are. Match what?
  Also, the dialog is a usability desaster: no accelerators,
  no initial focus, nested group boxes, messed up focus

* Adding translations to Qt projects spits a lot of errors.
  IMO, the tr support in the template is pointless anyway,
  as it only works if you start the application in the
  source directory.

* Documentation browser options seem to have no effect on
  the documentation browser.

* Lots of 'QObject::connect: No such slot' messages on the

* Browser history is broken with multiple browser windows.

* What's this help for the menu is replaced by a meaningless
  'Ready' after a short time.

* Large parts of the documentation are obsolete, e.g. for
  the dialog editor.

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