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Christoph Cullmann crossfire at babylon2k.de
Wed Jun 13 11:14:57 UTC 2001

Am Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2001 06:25 schrieben Sie:
> Friends, Christoph (X-fire) in particular,
> I dont understand what the kate interface is supposed to be. There are
> a few header files that get installed with kate of which two looked
> particularily interesting: view.h and document.h.
> But the stuff in there is, as an interface pretty much unusable. Or
> more likely, I dont understand what this is supposed to be about.
> For one thing, why would I want to interface with Kate::View instead of
> KateView (resp. Kate::Document and KateDocument)? These seem to be some
> kind of base classes that arent very particular and only seem to
> provide half (or less) of the functionality of their discrete
> counterparts.
> Also what I dont understand, if I create an object of type Kate::View
> all the methods have empty implementations, it looks like something is
> supposed to be derived from these and then virtual overloading is
> supposed to happen but the classes arent virtual at all.
> Another problem seems, that I wanted to derive from KateView. So my
> derived class would gain access to the protected members of KateView
> (like myDoc). Now you may think what you want about that from a
> stylistic point, but that seems to be another showstopper. I cant get
> access to the low level stuff.
> Maybe I have overlooked something here, but I dont quite understand the
> reason behind this, why not making kateview.h and katedocument.h
> available instead? Please enlighten me.

The problem with making kateview/document public avaible is that they are 
very full with trash at the moment and won't be binary compatible but 
Kate::View and Kate::Document are bc at the moment and hope they will stay it.
They are at the mom mostly used by the plugins and linked together with the 
plugin interfaces into libkateinterfaces.la (which needs to be bc or older 
plugins wouldn't work in newer kate ;)

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