kate rulez (my lonely nights)

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 03:32:41 UTC 2001

I have started to replace the current (outdated) kwrite code in
KDEVELOP_1_4 with a "KatePart". (locally only, so dont get a panic
attack :-)

Naturally there are complications and a few questions.

Since this is a major interruption of the effort to get a stable
release out, I was thinking of a way how this could be done without
interfearing with the current codebase too much. 

One class that undergoes major changes will be CEditWidget, the second
class that is heavily affected will be DocViewMan. Both classes derive
from QObject and the appropriate header files are therefore
preprocessed with moc. 

It seems that it is not possible to put #ifdef #else #endif blocks
around changes that I made in these files, correct? Is there a way to
preprocess the file before moc gets its hands on it? But then I would
loose the include guards, wouldn't I? 

Well, I am a bit clueless as to what to do. I'd like to have a way to
share the changes that I make with other people to get this over with a
bit quicker. 

Is there a way to get a branch into our cvs repository? I mean, I know
how to do it, but I dont want to get hunted down by the KDE-mafia...

I could also try to get an initial version to work quickly but that
still has some substantial risks to it. I hear KDE-2.2 is going to be
postponed a few more weeks, so we could theoretically risk this. 

The "KatePart" will reduce our codebase significantly and simplify a
few things. As far as I can see CEditWidget will only be necessary to
carry some signals to be forwarded to some slots, I hope it may go away

The docViewMan class and API is going to be simplified quite a bit. 
We can then hopefully get rid of most of the current bugs and there are
still quite a few crashes related to docViewMan closing files and
views... :-|

Missing functionality (there are a total of 3 functions so far), can be
implemented into kate, I believe. "Crossfire" Cullmann is usually very
cooperative and these are all things a good editor should have. 

Please let me know what you think.


Roland Krause
In the garage of life there are mechanics and 
there are drivers. Mechanics wanted!

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