Is kdebindings/kdejava missing from CVS?

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Mon Jun 11 08:25:19 UTC 2001

David Goodnough emailed me about a problem he was having checking out the
kdebindings/kdejava directory from directory
home/projects/kdecvs/cvsroot. When I suggested trying, he checked
the code out fine. I don't know how the KDE CVSs are set up, but it possible
that this directory isn't mirrored in all of them?

-- Richard

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, David Goodenough wrote:
> I think you may have found the problem.  What I get from the CVS repository
> you connect to is indead different and does contain kdejava, or rather the
> directory PR contains kdejava.  The one I use is the one pointed to by the
> pages.  I think it might be an idea if you contacted the CVS
> meister at KDE and ask them to investigate.
> So to be doubly sure, I removed the entire directory and checked it out
> again, using the module name kdebindings.  I am fetching this from
> directory home/projects/kdecvs/cvsroot.  Once again, and it
> just completed, no kdejava directory.

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Richard Dale wrote:
> CVSROOT=:pserver:rdale at
> I have CVSROOT set up as about, and ran the commad 'cvs -z3 update -dAP
> kdebindings' from the command line and got this sort of output:
> cvs login
> (Logging in to rdale at
> CVS password:
> tipitina duke 1491% cvs -z3 up -dAP kdebindings
> ...
> cvs server: Updating kdebindings/kdejava
> M kdebindings/kdejava/README
> M kdebindings/kdejava/koala.kdevprj
> cvs server: Updating kdebindings/kdejava/doc
> M kdebindings/kdejava/doc/
> cvs server: Updating kdebindings/kdejava/doc/en
> cvs server: Updating kdebindings/kdejava/koala
> P kdebindings/kdejava/koala/.cvsignore
> ...
> Is it possible that I am using a differenct CVS, and the kdejava hasn't got
> mirrored ok? Perhaps try logging into the one above
> ('') as
> anonymous, and see if that works.

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