positioning cursors in source

Lorenzo Delana ldelana at libero.it
Fri Jun 8 15:33:41 UTC 2001


this is a reproducible bug, I hope...:)

- open a project and have at least a class (interface .h and definition .cpp)
- pointing the interface, so clearly the cursor get the pos at the class 
<the-class> { line
- now, point a member function (in the other correspondent class .cpp file), 
so clearly the cursor get the pos at the member function
- now, uncleraly:(, select another member function of the same class, Y see 
that the cursor not appears.

Note: can be only when pass trough elements of the same sourcecode... in 
fact, if y switch to a member of an another file y have a "refreshed" cursors 
visible on the screen.


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