documentation inside gideon

Thomas Fromm tf at
Fri Jun 8 13:56:02 UTC 2001

> It's one possibility to let parts add extensions to the documentation
> tree, but I don't think it's most flexible option. For example, one
> would then typically let the Python part add the python documentation
> to the tree. But I want to browse Python documentation even when I'm
> in a C++ project. As a main use of Python is to embed the interpreter
> for scripting an application, this is not an unusual combination.

ok, i agree.

> The way it is currently implemented is that all tables of contents
> that are installed in $prefix/share/kdevdoctreeview/tocs (iirc) are
> displayed in the tree. This works for the python, perl and php docu-
> mentation if it is detected by configure. If this doesn't work for
> you (or someone else), look in and add your distribution-
> specific path in the 'phpdocdirs=' line. I think I'll also add some
> more warnings in so that the user who compiles from
> source can immediately see when something went wrong without going
> through the whole configure output.

ok, but whats when gideon is shipped as rpm? for this case nobody calls a 
configure, and then is the question when the dokumentation is morphed via
at startup? 


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