One bug...

F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Thu Jun 7 13:41:16 UTC 2001

Hi Roland,

Roland Krause wrote:
> Falk,
> yes my Solaris buils is based on gcc-2.95.2, so yes, it does support
> dynamic casts.

> And, no I have not changed to kateView yet.

> So there is a bug somewhere in here. Maybe it is that the break
> statement is missing and that there is more than one child that
> inherits QWidget?
But suddenly I suppose what could be wrong... Maybe you use the tabpage
mode and we probably have the case the kwrite widget isn't directly
embedded in a QextMdiChildView but embedded in a KDockWidget that is
embedded in a QextMdiChildView... just a thought.... Can you check this,
See DocViewMan::addQExtMDIFrame(..) for details of the embedding.

F at lk

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