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Roland Krause rokrau at
Wed Jun 6 23:51:55 UTC 2001

Falk, friends,

I found a bug in CKDevelop. 

A file that is modified is not saved upon closing (Ctrl-W or

I tracked it down, but I dont know the solution... Here is what I

The following code in docviewman.cpp:731 ff.

  // the first object we'll find is the layout,
  // the second test will be successful for the one and only embedded
  for ( pChild = pL->first(); pChild && !pView; pChild = pL->next()) {
    if (pChild->inherits("QWidget")) {
      pView = (QWidget*) pChild;

  if (CEditWidget* pEditView = dynamic_cast<CEditWidget*> (pView)) {

tries to find the CEditWidget, it does find a QWidget (btw. a break 
is missing also) but the dynamic_cast to a CEditWidget pointer return 0
the document contained in the view is never given the chance to save

Maybe there is an easy fix, I dont see it, but I am confident that you


Roland Krause
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