Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Fri Jun 1 14:09:42 UTC 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Matthias Hoelzer wrote:
> On Thu, 31 May 2001, Bernd Gehrmann wrote:
> > Richard, you are crazy ;-)
> Bernd, you found exactly the right words :-)
Yes, you are both quite correct! 

But please let me justify myself. I like the idea of not telling anyone much,
apart from the ChangeLog, and then letting them enter the 'Twilight Zone'
when they see the code in kdevelop/parts/javasupport ;-). Hence, 'crazy'.

The main reason I added the Java api was in order to implement the Java
debugger part. At the moment the java debugger is started via KProcess, and
commands are piped to it in the style of jbb's gdb debugger front end. But
there are technical problems with setting breakpoints with that approach (very
difficult with nested classes, apparently unusable with anonymous classes). And
there are so many static final constant values inherited by a QApplication that
it overloaded the pipe connection. The debugger needs to use the JDI interface
- I had thought that was coming with JDK 1.3, but it has been back ported to
JDK 1.2 on my PPC Blackdown version - so I think it makes sense to use it now.

The Java KParts architecture allows for 'Internet enabled, platform indepent
KParts' - like normal applets, but interacting on a first class basis with KDE
apps using the KDE api.... !!!! (do I need these exclamation marks?).

Please change the default configure option to not build Java parts, but I would
like to hear about configuration management problems with linking against the
libjvm and libhpi libraries.

-- Richard

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