KDevelop Roadmap 2001

Jonas Nordin jonas.nordin at syncom.se
Wed Feb 28 10:29:40 UTC 2001

> Generally, I see the project in a good state, although it is very sad
> that the original starters like the Stephans and Sandy have so litte
> time as well as Bernd and Walter are a bit silent :) (hint: time to
> speak up, guys :) let us at least know what's going on with you :-) New
> developers are coming in and I think our friendly attitude is very
> attracting. The strategy to bring us much closer to the KDE guys has
> worked out I think and we should stick with that. I know a lot of them
> personally and they are behind us in our dedication so we just have to
> do our share and kdevelop is a self-runner. We're more or less one team
> now because of the actual need, although the bindings have been a bit
> loose during the initial years, but I think the political thinking of
> the KDE developers has changed from the "I don't need an IDE for coding
> myself" to "KDE needs an IDE to get new developers, so I will do my
> share on promoting KDevelop".

I also enjoyed my(short) by intensive time in the kdevelop project. 

Like so many other, my time just don't seem to be enough for all the
I want to do on my spare time.

Hopefully I will contribute more to the KDevelop community in the time
to come.
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