KDE 2.1 release announcement

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Mon Feb 26 12:59:09 UTC 2001

Sandy Meier wrote:
> On Montag, 26. Februar 2001 12:10, you wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > today's the great day for all of us. Inspite Carneval, we have the big
> > event of the KDE 2.1 release today that ships with KDevelop 1.4, the
> > nicest and best release of our IDE - and we can be proud we did it;
> > especially shipping it as the "default" IDE with KDE.
> >
> > If the Release Annoucement has been put on www.kde.org, could someone
> > update our webpage with some info as well with links to the download
> > location and to the annoucement on kde.org ?
> Ok, no problem I will do it. Thanks to all who have helped to make this great
> release.

As a sidenote what happened over the weekend: all fixes are up until
yesterday evening as we had to move the tag for some files, so I did
that for all changes except for John's commit last night at abt. 9pm GMT
which was later. David Faure did repackage the stuff and the packagers
updated the binaries or are on the way, so it may take a while for all
packagers to rebuild their kdevelop package. Unfortuantely, David
updated the desktop files in all packages from HEAD, so the
kdevelop.desktop file in 1.4 contained 2.0pre as version number. After I
found that out at about 1am tonight, I told david on IRC and he fixed
that, so at least the tarball is correct. The binaries will be updated
again but it may take a while so I think if we mirror the kdevelop
binaries we should wait up until wednesday at least to give the
packagers a chance to update the binaries on the kde ftp site and
mirrors. Otherwise we get out of sync and the ones that take the
binaries from our site will have 2.0pre in their k menu and on the

Glad everything else has been fixed although printing preview still
doesn't work but I hope printing does now.

For further plans on development I will assemble a mail that contains
all what we talked about in the last month (making 2.0 out of 1.4 and
moving the HEAD version to number 3.0 plus what's the development plans)
and first post it here. If everyone agrees I'll post that to the
kdevelop and kde mailinglists so everyone knows what the plan is and we
can keep up syncronous release schedules with KDE, most importantly for
the documentation and translation.


Finally, even I have to admit that being myself was the best thing
that ever could have happened to me. - Le Grand Charmeur

Ralf Nolden

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