Problem with Kdevelop !!!

ZHANG Yibo zyb at
Tue Feb 20 03:03:37 UTC 2001

Dear Sir / Madam,
  I came across a problem when I used Kdevelop 1.2 or 1.3 under CLE0.9p1. The problem is describled as following:

  When I installed Kdevelop 1.3 or Kdevelop 1.2 on the CLE0.9p1, the window maneger is KDE, and if I set the environment variable LANG="zh_TW.Big5", the Kdevelop 1.3 or Kdevelop 1.2 crashed down, but not happened under LANG="C" or LANG="zh_CN.GB2312".  I also have used the great CLE0.9, but it did not happen this problem.  The last crashdown messages sent out by Kdevelop likes : 
"using filler
 Colortype 6 is rgb/alpha
 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "

 Can you help me with this problem or tell me who I can ask for help?
 I am now busy with my experiments and eager to use Kdevelop under LANG="zh_TW.Big5". You are very appreciated if you can give me the answer as soon as possible. 
 Thank you for your helps in advance.

                                      ZHANG Yibo



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