QT Problem

Omid Givi omid at givi.nl
Thu Feb 1 08:47:25 UTC 2001

Good morning everybody,

I've a QT problem which I can't solve. I've fought the whole yesterday
with this problem, but no result. Can anybody please help?

Regarding KDevelop 2: I have made relations between ProjectSpace and
the project options. Compiler options are now also dependant of the
ProjectSpace. My first patch follows soon.

I have a problem with QDialog. I've got a dialog like this (buttons
are not shown):

 |A     |  ,----------------------------. |
 |      |  |C                           | |
 |      |  |                            | |
 |      |  |                            | |
 |      |  |                            | |
 |      |  |                            | |
 |      |  '----------------------------' |

A is an iconized QListView and C is an empty QWidget. Clicking an
items in A should change C. The dialog is layed out in a QGridLayout.
(I have not used KDialogBase because KDialogBase doesn't support
multiple tree depths and I don't know if you can iconize the tree.)

Initialization in the constructor:

ProjectOptionsDlg::ProjectOptionsDlg(QWidget *parent, const char *name)
    : ProjectOptionsDlgBase( parent, name, true)
// Setting up items in A and defining events and slots.
// adding a QWidget child to C

Whithin the constructor I can add a child to C, and I'll see it in de
dialog. Whithin the function which handles the slot event (it gets the
control whenever an item is clicked). I can't do nothin'! Replacing
the QWidget child, adding another child, nothing changes the contents
of C. If I do something with the GridLayout in the slot event handling
function, the content of the dialog 'will' change (dramatically!).

So what should I do? should I delete the dialog and start a new one
when an item is clicked? (silly option). Or should I re'layout the
Grid? Or is there a simpler solution?

If you need to see the code, please let me know.


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