Gideon port to Qt 3

Harald Fernengel harry at
Thu Aug 30 12:57:21 UTC 2001


I am through with libkdevelop and almost all the parts now (I have to admit 
that I don't have Java nor Python nor PHP installed on my machine so I cannot 
compile these, sorry).

So far I inserted 11 times a #if in the code, mainly because of the new style 
engine and some changes in QPainter. It looks like the move to KDE 3 
will be a very smooth and painless one.

The problem that bugs me most is the "Qt3Stuff" directory. If no one has a 
good suggestion for removing it from the build process, I'll just do it by 
brute force (putting #if in every header and cpp file).

The other patches were mainly stuff to get GCC 3 working, is no one compiling 
with this compiler??


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