useing KDevelop 2.0 for the first time...

Malte Kaempf post at
Fri Aug 24 11:06:58 UTC 2001

oh, thank you Ralf, that was easy...
but, how can i get the cvs-version? i know that there is a little 
documentation on the kdevelop-web-page, but the shell says 
":pserver:anonymous at unknown command" and if i try to 
use the cvs-command checkout it says, that i have to set a CVSROOT-variable. 
where must the CVS-variable point to? or is there another fault i made? i 
didn´t use cvs before and so you should understand, that i ask so silly 

> These errors are fixed in the branch, so KDevelop 2.0.1 should help you.
> Specifically with this error on the documentation, the easiest is to remove
> the index.docbook file for now and re-run automake, configure and make.
> Ralf

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