Tobias Kalbitz SCFKyle at web.de
Wed Aug 22 12:29:05 UTC 2001

Hi Victor, Ralf, Mathieu and the KDevelop team,

thanks for your answer :) I get the source from Gideon CVS but at work I had an Windows system so I had some problems with the executable rights of serveral files :( exist a new CVS snapshot of Gideon?

I would like to add these features when nobody works on it :) We can also add this to the TODO list :)

- extends the 'group view' so you had at the top a textfield were you can add a substring of a file name and KDevelop open the first group were a file with that substring exist. When you hit the down or up key you jump to the next file that match the substring. When you hit enter the file will be open / the buffer will be get the focus. This textbox Here an example:

CPP Files

Header Files

the substring is dat
the first that is selected is database.cpp when you hit down
datetype.cpp is selected when you hit down
database.h is selected when you hit down
datetype.h is selected when you hit up
database.h is selected when you hit enter the buffer is in KDevelop open and ready to use :)

- a new tab right of the filetreeview were all open files are shown in a list their is also a textbox like i describe in top :)

- when you hit ALT-F12 a window with all functions, typedefs, structs, classes became the focus were all is dynamicly arranged in a tabview so you had the first tab were all is what you have in this file (functions, classes..), in the next few tab's is only a special type what you have in the file eg. functions, structs, typedefs all dynamicly added :) Their is also a textbox which I describe in the top. Is that possible with the CTags?

Could I add this features?

It would be great if we would able place the tabs of the treeviews on left at the left side because i had no 19 zoll CRT ;)

A few other points to the TODO list:

- a new 'add method' dialog were realy great. Know anyone Powerdesigner? It's a database designing tool you ave for members of an table or a procedure a table with autocompletition. Here an example how we can implement this:

'add method'

Name of the Method: [Textfield]
Return Type: [combo box with auto completition with all known types]

- parameter type: [combo box with auto completition with all known types]
- parameter name (a normal cell)
- parameter default value

Their is on begin 2 rows display at the first I can add some thing, when I jump to the second a new row is under that row so I have ever a new row for a new parameter.

I think this system would increase the effectiveness of programming :) What do you think about this?

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