Bug#30744: crash KDevelop during project load

F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 20:18:28 UTC 2001


T.Doolaard at hccnet.nl wrote:
> #4  0x402571f7 in DOM::HTMLCollectionImpl::HTMLCollectionImpl ()
>    from /opt/kde2/lib/libkhtml.so.3
> #5  0x401f9d90 in KHTMLPart::gotoAnchor () from /opt/kde2/lib/libkhtml.so.3
> #6  0x401f052c in KHTMLPart::openURL () from /opt/kde2/lib/libkhtml.so.3
> #7  0x81546b5 in CDocBrowser::showURL ()
> #8  0x80700b4 in DocViewMan::createBrowserView ()
> #9  0x806cbf4 in KDevSession::recreateViews ()
Yes, unfortunately, I got this crash, already too. The bugs seems to be
in KHTML deep down in kdelibs/khtml. I contacted the KDE people but Dirk
Mueller couldn't reproduce the bug on his machine. 
I can reproduce it 100% here but to trace it down I just have to
recompile kdelibs first in debug mode.
I think there's hope to get it fixed for 2.0.1.

F at lk

P.S.: This bug must have been introduced shortly before the KDE release.

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