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Christian Loose Christian_Loose at
Sat Aug 11 18:44:07 UTC 2001

Hello Ralf,

Hmmm, I have to admit that I didn't really understand your mail. Properly
because I'm new to KDE programming. So it would be cool, if you could
the plan in your mind a little bit more.

This is how I understood you mail:

1. Split up the wizard into one .ui-file per page. The pages would have the
type 'QWidget'.
    (Wouldn't it be better to have all common pages in one .ui-file? What is
the advantage
    to have them separated?)
2. Every page should have a different graphic except the plugged-in pages.
    (Is this really necessary? What is the benefit of having different
3. Class- and filenames should be choosable for specific project types.
    (Which classnames? The main window class?)
4. Additional project-type-specific pages should be load as a QCom-plugin
5. The template files should say which wizard pages should be displayed
6. The project files (.kdevelop) should name the parts that should be loaded
on startup
    (Don't they do this already?)

Please correct and extend these statements...



> On Saturday, 11. August 2001 14:46, you wrote:
> > Hi everybody!
> >
> > I played a little with the AppWizard-dialog of Gideon. I tried to
> > gave it a more professional look. So this is my first try. I know
> > that the text parts still need some polishing. Also you have to
> > load the pixmap on the left side of the dialog by hand, because I didn't
> > want the .ui-file get to big.
> >
> > Please comment, flame, etc....
> Good work! Especially the graphics. Now, what is needed, is a somewhat
> layout here and there. It doesn't meet all the things though, specifically
> the project-type specific things like classes and filenames should be
> choosable later. Another thing is that the wizard needs to be split up
> several parts maybe to reimplement functions that you want to call for
> modularization, which works in the end the same way as kpersonalizer. (you
> would need more graphics for the wizard though, and one standard-graphic
> the to-plug-in-pages for the different project-types).
> Now, with additional pages, those could be plugged in for the specific
> project type in Qt 3 as a plugin, if I understand that correctly,
> on what the user chooses on the first page.
> Could you make up a draft or something for that ? You could also go ahead
> start an implementation for that stuff; also the wizard should auto-detect
> (find out by itself) all project types and the user's self-made templates
> with their according settings. In the project file it writes it should
> name the kdevelop parts that should be loaded on project loading by
> BTW do you have a CVS account yet ?
> Thanks,
> Ralf
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> > Christian Loose
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