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Fri Aug 10 14:31:51 UTC 2001

--- Ralf Nolden <nolden at> wrote:
> On Friday, 10. August 2001 11:12, you wrote:
> > On Friday, 10. August 2001 01:49, you wrote:
> Ok, that's fine with me as well. Whatever, after the switch to Qt 3,
> what is 
> then ? Is Roland taking care of porting the bits that change in the
> API from 
> KDevelop 2 over ?

Yes, this is supposed to be a minor switch over this time. If the KDE
project goes again to change their entire API, I will switch to gnome
for good and will never be seen here again :-) And I am only half way

> >
> > An other topic: As you already know KDE will switch to the qt3 in
> some
> > weeks (and will be incompatible with KDE2.2) I think we should
> stick on
> > KDE2.2 for awhile. This will avoid much trouble for us and the
> users who
> > want to install it.

Make it run with both. #ifdefs are your friends in this case, they can
be taken out once KDE-3 goes into beta. We will need beta testers for
gideon, we will need many beta testers, so dont make it too hard to get
and test it.


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