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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Aug 9 10:30:11 UTC 2001

On Thursday, 9. August 2001 12:16, you wrote:
> On Thursday 09 August 2001 11:23 am, you wrote:
> > There will be no time gap. KDE 3 will ship in spring. I will spend to
> > entire month, if not 3 to 4, on KDevelop 3.0. By september, holidays will
> > be over for the other students as well and we _will_ be ready by spring
> > next year. You underestimate the current state of HEAD because it lacks
> > the usability parts that I'm supposed to do.
> So, I suppose it would be OK right now to port stuff from kdevelop 2 where
> required.
yes, please. Try to port stuff that can be a component as a kdevelop part, so 
they can be independently handled. That applies for example for the dialogs 
to add signals and slots over the classbrowser; that should be modularized so 
the commands can be plugged into the rmb menu according to the project's type 
(you don't want Qt/KDE menu stuff in a pure C or C++ project as it confuses 
the user, a shortcoming in 2.0 also that I mentioned earlier).

I'd also like to ask people to say here where _exactly_ (not the sourceline, 
but generally) which part they are working on so we get an overview who's 
doing what. That worked well with KDevelop 1.x where everyone knew, for 
example, I can turn to Sandy if I want to add stuff there or to Bernd if I 
want to change things there or optimise his stuff there. That is necessary 
because your changes affect other people's code where he could have something 
not commited yet or he has done it already or he has other hints that may be 
helpful for you to shorten the time you need to do what you want.

Other than that, feel free to pick a part where you want to start with. I 
will have a look at the user interface and the handling that we discussed 
about a month (or two) ago on how to make that easier. The first kdevelop 
part I want to do is an automake/autoconf part and a qmake integration. If 
someone is interested in helping there with ideas for these parts, feel free 
to mail here (so others can give suggestions as well).


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