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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Aug 9 08:23:50 UTC 2001

On Thursday, 9. August 2001 09:27, you wrote:

Ok, here goes my word. I hope that you still regard me as the one you're 
turning to with your complains as the maintainer of the project who decides 
where the road is.

> /me 1000% agrees to the whole statement from above.
> Some KDevelop-2.x releases can bridge the bigger time gap between a
> ready-for-honest-daily-working version 2.0 and the current hacker
> version 3.0.
There will be no time gap. KDE 3 will ship in spring. I will spend to entire 
month, if not 3 to 4, on KDevelop 3.0. By september, holidays will be over 
for the other students as well and we _will_ be ready by spring next year. 
You underestimate the current state of HEAD because it lacks the usability 
parts that I'm supposed to do.
> Second, to work for 3.0 assumes that every decision is discussed and
> voted before its realization. AND NOT that a main developer is
> completely ignored, his work of months is completely removed without the
> littlest trial of merging by people who haven't done any work on that
> CVS branch. 
I will do the decisions again and I'd be happy to have you part of the 
project on 3.0 like we worked together on 1.4 and 2.0. I hope this is ok with 
you and if you could have a slight interest in not forgetting that HEAD now 
works, before it was dropped in February it didn't. See how much effort and 
bugfixing MDI needed in 2.0 to be usable without crashes every minute, HEAD 
was even worse before. Now it has matured to a point where you can add it as 
a component. Please do so. 

And that time merging was not the problem at all. AND not
> that people who just were 2 weeks in the KDevelop project can do CVS
> remove actions of a whole tree.
I asked Matthias Hölzer to do that because I was in Kopenhagen at the GUADEC 
conference. If you look at KDE sources from years back, you will notice that 
he is a long-term lead KDE developer who knows what he's doing. In 
particularly this case, we decided to go for gideon because it worked and I 
hadn't had a network connection that was usable at GUADEC other than in an 
internet cafe. I couldn't do it myself otherwise I'd have done it.

 AND not that the responsible people do
> not say any little sorry about all of that. Concerning that I haven't
> heard anything from Bernd Germann until today. 
Sorry. We wanted to visit you at CeBIT to tell you that and discuss that with 
you. You were away already so we missed us. I told you that and that we were 
sorry for not having talked about this face to face. 

All this happened in HEAD
> once ago and I moved to the much more considerate KDEVELOP_1_4 group and
> I will not move back before those basic things aint sure in any way.
Remember, the 1_4 group were John and I. We ported it for the users and as an 
interim solution. Now John and I are both working on gideon, so you're in the 
boat of gideon already. I hope that will ease your decision to go with us 
because you like working with us.

> Speaking of architecture Gideon is likely a step forward, speaking of a
> team it's chaos hacking.
Now it isn't anymore. I'm there and the first thing I do hereby is cleaning 
up the house. I hope I have made myself clear that this story is now over and 
we need to go back to work again.

Please start making QextMDI a KDevelop component and add it to HEAD. I know 
it will be a bit tricky, but the requirement is that it is a pluggable 
component so the current handling can be kept aside from that if that is 
possible. If your study turns out that it can only be the central component 
with no other option of user interface design for the editors (so it wouldn't 
leave the user the option to decide between the current handling or your 
handling), then come back here and tell me. We will discuss this and do a 
decision for the good of everyone.

Welcome abroad, Falk. We're sitting in the same boat now, please try to 
forgive what went wrong in the past. Now we're in one big team again.


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