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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Wed Aug 8 21:07:11 UTC 2001

On Wednesday, 8. August 2001 11:07, you wrote:
> Sandy Meier wrote:
> > Yes, but in the last months I personaly had the feeling that there was a
> > split in team. Will John, Falk and all others work on Gideon in the
> > future?
> The question is: Will Bernd Germann be able to work in a team?

Ok guys. I think I need to take the time to speak some clear words that I can 
point on lateron if someone _ever_ comes up with those questions again and 
what my point about this is.

a) I'm currently writing my exams and so I'm pretty much restricted to just 
answer emails and questions besides organizing things with the rest of KDE. 
Therefore I currently can't contribute any code until September.

b) when it's September, *I* will work on gideon *only*. And the first thing I 
intend to do is bring up the docs again and add some usability stuff, that is 
where I worked on most on kdevelop 1.x and where I have the most experience 
in. Besides that I want to add embedded stuff and remote debugging to the 
debugger together with John. So I will invest _Zero_ time into KDevelop 2.x 
from after the KDE 2.2 release on as far as enhancement stuff goes. I don't 
think it contains any critical bugs or something that would prevent the users 
to use it. I asked John to take care of the KDE 2.2 and 2.2.1 release in case 
I don't have time to do that due to my exams. 

c) Rolands point on this is that he wants to use an IDE, especially kdevelop, 
right _now_. That means, that he likes it and wants to add things to the 2.0 
codebase. As much as I don't like that he doesn't invest his time into gideon 
because he thinks that it's not there yet, I can't prevent him from doing so 
if he wants to. So if he wants to add some stuff there, my point is that free 
work is always welcome and _more_ appreciated if it would fit with the rest 
of the team, but I think that if he adds some stuff and wants to release the 
thing then, I will support that it _can_ be released officially as a kdevelop 
package. Nothing more, nothing less. That means, if he says he's ready with a 
2.1, then he'll just wrap up the package, write a pressrelease and we'll ship 
it over kdevelop.org as usual. End of the debate.

Now, Falk's statement...I don't know what you guys don't like about Bernd 
except that especially for Falk the switch to gideon was a bit too drastic. 
BUT- you were not the _ONLY_ one who spent time and effort into the former 
version in HEAD prior to gideon's importing.  All the others were as well. 
And thereby, I strongly _urge_ everyone to be reasonalbe and don't act 
childish. We have been a grown group since over 3 years now, and I think we 
fit very well together. I _would_ like to keep it that way. We need to go 
ahead and work on gideon on all corners now to get it shipped with KDE 3. 
That's the goal and the way to go and as Sandy already has his doubts, I 
think a clear word should help everyone now. I officially declare the "old" 
baby KDevelop dead. Long live KDevelop - gideon. When the move to Qt 3 will 
be done in 2-3 weeks, I would like to rename gideon into kdevelop again, so 
that there can be no doubt anymore which version is the current one.

Please, do your part like you always did for the good of the _project_ and 
not of temporary disagreement or personal preference. I like to use finished 
software myself a lot, but we're the developers who have to do the product.

Thanks for your understanding. I hope everyone understood what I meant. 
Again, the KDEVELOP branches are dead, and HEAD is the code everyone is 
_supposed_ to work on.  As much as I'm open to ideas and opinions otherwise, 
this is definetly out of discussion by this time. I want the next version to 
mature and get ready to ship - 3.0.


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