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Wed Aug 8 06:28:18 UTC 2001

"Eray Ozkural (exa)" wrote:
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> On Wednesday 08 August 2001 01:20 am, you wrote:
> > I agree, we could, Ralf thinks it is very confusing to use KDEVEOP_1_4
> > for new developers, that's why I asked. The more I think about it, the
> > more I agree with you to leave the name as it is.
> >
> The name was confusing for me. If you'd like to keep the name, all you have
> to do is to add some information on the cvs branches in kdevelop homepage.
I don't see a reason why it could be so hard to use the KDE_2_2_RELEASE
tag for opening a KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH.

Just checkout the KDE_2_2_RELEASE tag and do:
cvs tag -b KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH
cvs update -r KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH

It saves us from thousands of questions and misunderstandings.

F at lk

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