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Tue Aug 7 08:46:09 UTC 2001

On Tuesday, 7. August 2001 09:11, you wrote:
> Hi Roland,
> Roland Krause wrote:
> > KDEVELOP_2_2
>        ??? ^^^^ ????
Just name it KDEVELOP_2, that's enough. Won't confuse more than it informs 
you :)

Besides: There are some things missing in 2.0 which didn't get in yet, mostly 
in the menus for the classviewer. That is:
-add property (a qt property with a read, write etc function, add a page to 
that dialog)
-a qt component thingy (with the according functions, UUID stuff etc.)

Also, there were complaints about the correctness of the english in that add 
method/slot dialog. Could someone take care of that and send in a patch ? Of 
course, this can't go into the KDE_2_2_BRANCH as it has a message freeze but 
only into the KDEVELOP branch. 

What would be nice as well, is that the classtree would only offer add 
signal, slot if the class that is selected contains Q_Object. That way, we 
would prevent a misleading menu for pure C/C++ projects and for pure C++ 
classes even in KDE/Qt projects.


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