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> It just needs some tweaks so we can install it into KDEDIR/bin and call

When I committed kimport yesterday I already made it install into $KDEDIR/bin.
(Have a look at kdevelop/tools/, section install-exec-local:)
There is also a short section in the README, I would like to add one to the
FAQ, too.

> it with a dialog - that would be *great* to see. The only thing missing
> is a commandline that accepts a directory and an -o for output, and,
> even better, another switch so you can create project files in each
> subdir for the subdir so you can load that one by one and the main
> target gets set automatically with the name of the directory. Wouldn´t
> that be cool ? Let´s say, 10 project files in a row ?

Should not be too difficult.
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