getSubDir vs. getProjectDir

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sat Oct 28 18:35:36 UTC 2000

> > > > Actually, this is a convention which was established centuries
> > > > before autoconf was invented ;-)
> > 
> > A convention for the KDE world. 

Hmm, no ... KDE in turn is a tiny baby compared to autoconf ;-)
BTW, <nitpicking>it's actually automake, not autoconf... autoconf works
with any directory structure you like</nitpicking>

Anyway, it's not unusual that projects (made with automake,
imake or whatever) consist of several subprojects which one
may want to build or clean separately or together. To me,
the most obvious way to support this is to introduce a global
option which determines in which directory 'make' is invoked.
That would also allow to build single parts in KDevelop2's
source tree without having to care whether other parts have
been modified. After all, that's one of the main advantages
of the parts architecture :-)

> getProjectDir()+getSubDir() for a Makefile. Bernd, you´re probably the
> oldest here and the one who´s closest to a doctor´s degree, could you
> give your wisdom again to that question ?

ROTFLBTC ... cough cough. Ralf, you're risking my diaphragm ;-)


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